Monday, June 26, 2017

For your amusement...#pregnancyproblems


When your full bladder keeps triggering unpleasant Braxton Hicks contractions, but you’re supposed to drink lots of water

When you eat a good amount of food because you’re *so* hungry, and then you get indigestion.

When you crave french fries, donuts, and popcorn, and you don’t feel like having self-control!

When you squat to pull something from the lowest shelf at work and literally fall on your butt


When pregnancy brain makes you blank out on a coworker’s name… that you’ve worked with every week for months… in front of a patient
When you keep getting your scrub tops wet at work because every time you wash your hands, your belly is too close to the overpowered automatic faucet

When you are past a certain point in your pregnancy and every single patient / family asks you about it

When you have a question about your patient for their provider and… nope, it’s gone.

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